Born from an altitude of over 1,350m with a cool year-round climate and cold winters since 1906. Global Geopark – Dong Van Stone Plateau is considered by Europeans as one of the few places in the world. Great place to relax and have a unique water source and climate to make the world’s most premium beers. It started with premium craft beers traditionally brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot Code of 1516 with: Hops, barley, yeast and water in the “Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale” style. aged in oak barrels.

Buckwheat (Tam giác mạch) – a flower with a strange name associated with an equally strange story. This small flower forest with young green leaves, when producing fruit, saved the whole village from hunger when the old season had passed and the new crop had not yet arrived. Because it is a family of rice, it arose from rice and corn stalks, so it is called buckwheat, the leaves are triangular, and so the name “triangular buckwheat” was born.

About buckwheat beer

In the 1906s, when it was difficult to transport beer ingredients, Europeans discovered native Triangle Nuts, along with traditional ingredients, to create a legendary and characteristic beer flavor that blends in the mountains. The nature of the earth and the sky was only available here before the Dong Van Stone Plateau was recognized as a natural heritage of mankind. This is one of the beer flavors that are highly appreciated by experts from leading groups such as Fermentis and PureMalt.


Today with the creation of experts of DONGVAN BREWING CO. together with you to create and many other premium beer flavors according to customers’ preferences while always keeping the standard in traditional production for hundreds of years such as “Belgian – Style Wheat Ale, Triangle Buckwheat, Silver Honey” Ha” but only DONGVAN BREWING CO. best inheritance.

Today, every time visitors come to visit Dong Van Stone Plateau, Lung Cu Flagpole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Nho Que River… must visit the brewery of DONGVAN BREWING CO. Right under the Than Nuoc mountain range, enjoy craft beer, eat DONGVAN beef and watch the majestic mountains, the heritage of the Global Geopark of humanity will complete your trip.