At an altitude of over 1,350m with a cool and chilly climate all year round, the Global Geopark – Dong Van Stone Plateau is considered by Europeans as one of the few great places to relax and make a wonderful garden. Premium beer from Than Nuoc mountain underground water source, the quality is equivalent to some famous beer and wine regions in the world. In 1906, the ingredients were used to brew beer in the style of “Belgian – Style Wheat Ale”, but then experts discovered that the native Triangle Buckwheat seeds can also make typical beer flavors that blend the flavors of the mountains and forests. This is the only natural earth and sky here that existed before UNESCO recognized the Dong Van Karst Plateau as a natural heritage of humanity. Since then, premium craft beer made in the Rocky Highlands has always been a secret kept to this day.

Our beer



When it comes to enjoying premium beer for beer lovers around the world, we have to mention craft beer with a history of thousands of years. We are excited to welcome creativity in production with true beer lovers to get quality beer flavors to their liking, something that industrial beer can’t have. Special flavor “Belgian -Style Wheat Ale, Buckwheat and Mint Honey” of DONGVAN BREWING CO. get the unique flavor inherited from 1906 to the present day.



Going back in history to the 1900s when a group of European experts surveyed the Dong Van rocky plateau and discovered that the seeds of the native Tam Giac Mach tree could create a wonderful fermented drink with a yellow color. orange, mild aroma and mild sweet taste

Immediately after that, the experts in the group tried brewing craft beer with processed Tam Giac Mach seeds and the ingredients they brought along. After many tries with different recipes and ratios and days of waiting, the harmonious ratio of ingredients was finally chosen so that the beer product surpassed the whole group’s expectations. The legendary Tam Giac Mach Beer product still retains the characteristic flavor of hops, the yeast strains are effective in the fermentation process, creating the characteristic Tam Giac Mach flavor with water from the rocky plateau. to create a special beer flavor that only Dong Van Stone Plateau possesses.