Head to the northern mountains of Vietnam, at an altitude of over 1,350m with a cool year-round climate and cold winters. Dong Van stone plateau is considered by Europeans as one of the great places to relax and has a quality groundwater source from Than Nuoc mountain that can make quality beers equivalent to some beer and wine regions. world famous wine. Inheriting the traditional European brewing style from 1906, DONGVAN BREWING CO. has built a HACCP standard brewery right in the heart of Dong Van rock plateau. This place converges the most ideal conditions to get high-class beers with the secret that is kept to this day as a legend.



Today, the team of experts of DONGVAN BREWING CO. together with experts from leading corporations to choose the valley in the core area of Dong Van Karst Plateau with ideal climate and water source under Than Nuoc mountain range to build a HACCP standard brewery right there. With a selective inheritance from tradition and a modern process of high standard, the craft beers of DONGVAN BREWING CO. has always been a secret kept as a legend.